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3 Tips for Renovation Success

If you want to renovate your property – and have the home of your dreams – here are three things you need to consider before you start buying the paint or knocking down the walls!

A budget

You need a realistic budget for your renovation. There may be a lot of things you would like to do, but do you have the cash available right now? The last thing you want to happen is to be in the middle of a renovation and have to wait for more funds before you can finish.

One good solution is to engage an interior designer who can present you with the completed designs and the projected increase in the value of your home – following the transformation. Many financial institutions will lend on this projected valuation.

Sasha debretton shares 3 tips for renovation success

Trades people

You need reliable trades people who have a good reputation in the industry, are insured and will work to a time frame that you dictate. You don’t want them turning up late, going home early or trying to juggle different contracts at the same time.

You want them on site and ready to work when you need them. Many trades cannot work until other work has been completed and having one trades person turning up days late can place your budget and timeframe in jeopardy.

An interior designer will be able to recommend good reliable contractors – and if they are a really good designer will have them on staff!

Project management

Who will manage your renovation? If someone is not on top of the comings and goings of the trades people, know whether orders and deliveries have been organized and completed – not to mention the budget and timeframe kept on track – your luxury transformation can turn into a nightmare.

An interior designer who has their own building company is the answer to all your problems. You want a professional person who can manage your renovation and who has reliable trades people on hand, stakes their reputation on keeping within budget and on time, and can guide you with selecting furnishings, fittings, colours etc.

An interior designer with management skills and a good business sense will take your ideas and hand you a completed dream home and dream lifestyle – on budget and on time.


If you want to know more about transforming your house into your dream home – be sure to check out Sasha’s TV channel and see how she transforms Drab into Fab and instantly increases her client’s wealth!


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    • Sasha deBretton infuses her heart and soul into her fabulous home renovations in Perth – to give her client’s their dream home and dream lifestyle that they have always wanted. Over the years Sasha has received many, many thank you letters and testimonials from her ecstatic clients – and in this blog Sasha shares a recent testimonial from a very happy client in Perth.

      Client History

      Sasha’s client returned to Perth after 17 years and moved into a townhouse in West Leederville. It had been rented out for the last 15 years and was looking very shabby and unloved. Sasha’s client knew that she wanted to stay in the area and was keen to do a total renovation – but after hearing horror stories of friends’ renovations that had gone seriously over budget and dragged on for almost a year - she wasn’t looking forward to what lay ahead. Knowing her busy lifestyle and lack of interest in DIY and after watching Sasha’s Million Dollar Makeover stories on the ‘Home in WA program’, her sister-in-law suggested that she contact Sasha about her home renovation in Perth.

      Too easy!

      They met on Thursday 8 August and just over 2 months later after a complete guttering of her townhouse - her delighted client moved back into her completely renovated dream home.

      Sasha bowled me over at our first meeting and came up with some fabulous design ideas to complement the few of my own.  I never imagined that work would even start before Christmas but when Sasha heard that I was leaving for a 3 week trip to Europe in early September her immediate response was that she could start and have most of the work completed while I was away, thus minimising the inconvenience of having to vacate my home for 4 weeks”.


      The MDM rapid renovation, home renovation express ride!

      Within a week Sasha’s client had visited the Million Dollar Makeover showroom in Perth for a consultation with Rachel the interior design consultant and had a house full of assorted tradesmen who were providing quotes on all the work! Disaster! It all came to a (temporary) grinding halt when her client couldn’t face the prospect of storing all her furniture and possessions after having moved and unpacked less than 2 months previously. But Sasha came to the rescue so that when her client boarded a plane she was relaxed and confident knowing that her house was being packed by professionals.  

      “Without exception everyone on the Million Dollar Makeover team has been professional, friendly and accommodating and has done everything possible to take the stress out of renovating. I’d particularly like to thank Sasha for seeing the potential in my home and Rachel for her design guidance, impeccable taste and for gently encouraging me out of my comfort zone at times. Finally, I would like to thank my wonderful and always upbeat Project Manager Julie for whom nothing was too much trouble or any request too trivial. Your attention to detail and insistence on quality and excellence has meant that we have been on the same page throughout the renovation”.


      “Sasha your business concept is amazing and fills a real gap in the market.  I can’t believe how easy and stress free the process has been and what a beautiful home you have created for me - on time and on budget. You’ve delivered what it says on your sign and my home has gone from “drabulous to fabulous” in just over 4 weeks.  At the same time my family and friends have gone from being sceptical to totally amazed at the transformation and the quality of the workmanship”.

        This testimonial from a delighted client brought a tear to Sasha’s eye - as it her clients that inspire Sasha to work her amazing miracles and change the lives of so many deserving people. Sasha started her Million Dollar Makeover home renovation business in Perth because she knew that she could make a difference to the renovation industry and make home renovations easy and hassle free. Sasha is very proud of her team who help her show that what everyone thinks is IMPOSSIBLE is POSSIBLE with a touch of Million Dollar Makeover

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