About Sasha


About Sasha

Sasha deBretton, “Perth’s Property Princess,” is the founder and CEO of Million Dollar Makeovers, Perth’s leading, number one fastest, quality renovators, author of Make a Mint in a Meltdown and presenter of a TV series currently in production by Southern Stars Entertainment.

Her experience of buying, selling and turning drab houses into fab houses has made her a much sought after interior designer and recognised property expert whose company is one of Perth’s biggest business success stories of recent years.

Sasha bought her first property when she was 21, following her grandfather’s advice to “buy a house when you’re young and you will get 10 steps ahead.” It was while renovating this two-bedroom, one-bathroom unit that Sasha discovered her natural flair for turning ordinary properties into beautiful and spectacular living spaces that could sell for massive profit.

Having completely transformed her home, she sold it for more than double the purchase price. It was a light bulb moment and a revelation. She could see the potential value of a house and picture how it could be transformed from “now to wow” in an instant, and for the next 16 years Sasha renovated a succession of properties as a lucrative hobby alongside her corporate career.

The more properties Sasha renovated the greater her success, and her Midas touch made her a millionaire before she was 30. Then came an epiphany that transformed her life. Sasha realised that the rapid renovation system she had developed could be used to help others achieve their property renovation dreams and live the kind of lifestyles they had always dreamed of.

She launched Million Dollar Makeovers in 2009 and since then has turned countless ugly ducklings into beautiful swans, renovating high-end properties in under four weeks and raising their values from anywhere between $200,000 and $2 million.

Sasha has appeared in numerous newspapers and magazines, is the author of her own property renovation book and produces and presents a TV series that will soon be going national. A creative powerhouse and business dynamo, she’s only just getting started!

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