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If you are searching for renovation help as well as expert interior design in Perth, Western Australia then why not visit Sasha deBretton’s Showrooms in Claremont?

For a tour around her showrooms you can visit the Million Dollar Makeover Channel on YouTube and watch ‘The West Real Estate Program’ on Channel 7, episode 30. The program presenter, Lisa Bowra, takes a tour around the Showrooms with Sasha investigating the different vignettes or design styles on display for both clients and customers.

Fast, high quality renovation system

Sasha has been renovating for nearly 20 years – buying rundown properties, giving them a luxurious makeover and then selling on for profit. With her flair for design and her business acumen Sasha decided to help other people increase their wealth as well. And Sasha has achieved this by increasing the value of her client’s properties by – in some cases – more than $1 million dollars!

Her rapid, high-quality turn-key solution to renovating has taken the building industry by storm and won Sasha and her Million Dollar Makeover team numerous awards.

interior design in Perth

How can Sasha help you?

Do you want to increase the value of your home? Or maybe add an extension, redesign the floor plan for better movement or simply just give your home a spruce up?

Sasha and her Million Dollar Team can provide simple cosmetic makeover – right up to large structural renovations. Her makeovers start around $70,000 but the increase in both value and life-style are priceless.

Many people want a simple cosmetic makeover before selling their property – to bring it up to scratch and obtain the best price they can for their property. Other people are happy in their location and their home – they just wish it was bigger or flowed better!

Sasha’s system not only gives you a luxurious makeover, including project management,  supplying and managing the trades people, interior design, buying of furnishings – in fact the whole, complete package from start to finish – but Sasha gives all this to you in record time!

And this is the key to Sasha’s success – she provides expert building, interior design and renovation skills and she does it FAST!

So for renovation expertise and interior design in Perth – visit Sasha’s Showcase studio in Claremont. They can be contacted by phone 08 9384 7447 or email


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If you are looking for Perth interior design tips then you have come to the right place! Sasha deBretton is CEO of Million Dollar Makeovers and has turned the renovation world on its head with her rapid high-quality renovation formula.

In this blog Sasha explains how to decorate in neutral tones – how to do white right.

The problem with using a lot of white in a space is that it can appear harsh, cold and sterile. White is never boring, but it can be stark and off-putting if not done right. White is a wonderful colour as it gives a feeling of freshness to a space, but it does need to be warmed up a bit and its hard edges smoothed away.

How to select the right white for you

Perth interior designs,

There are two types of whites – cool and crisp or warm and romantic. So if you want a minimalist design with simple lines, a sense of purity and a few stand-out pieces of furniture, then choose modern, crisp whites with blue, grey or green undertones. These cool and crisp whites also suit a city beach or a shabby chic/vintage design as well.

However for a warmer, cosy feel with for example lots of lace and texture – then go for the creamy whites with yellow undertones.

It’s all about contrast

If you use an all-white wall colour you have a blank canvas for either your minimalist or your romantic theme – but be careful because getting a white room right can be difficult.

Crisp whites blend well with pastel shades, but if there is not enough contrast the whole room can appear rather drab and tired. Try contrasting different flooring textures with white walls, such as timber or carpets with geometric patterns.

White can unify different rooms – paint all the walls in your home the same white colour, add a few contrasting feature walls, and you have the basis for your dream design – glamour, country, modern or French to name a few.

Add texture and colour in the furnishings, select traditional or modern furniture, throws, cushions and art work. As long as you feel comfortable in the spaces that’s all that matters. But remember that different types of whites do not necessarily go together well, so make sure you test them first or get advice from a colour specialist.

For more design ideas visit Sasha’s showcase studio in Perth. Interior design has never been so good!



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Million Dollar Makeovers is an award winning Perth Interior Design and Renovation Company that gives clients rapid high-quality makeovers in the time it takes to go on holiday. Sasha’s business has grown from strength to strength – she now features as a regular host on Channel 7’s ‘The Real Estate Program’ where she showcases her rapid renovation system.

In this week’s blog Sasha shares with you some luxurious Bling for your home renovations – it’s all about glamorous and decadent chandeliers.

Why choose a chandelier?

Perth interior Design tips

Chandeliers not only add lighting to an area – they transform a normal space into a glorious space! The look and sheer decadence of a chandelier leaves you breathless with a lingering feeling of delight and magic.

There is nothing quite like walking into a space – and raising your eyes to rest on an exquisite piece of art – dripping in diamond-like twinkles – it just captivates you completely.

There are lots of chandeliers available both traditional and modern – but how do you choose the one that is right for you?

How to choose the right chandelier for you

  • Ceiling height – There are a few guidelines here but no hard and fast rules. For example, if your ceiling is 2.4 metres high (8 foot) the bottom of the chandelier should be approximately 76 to 91 cm (30-36 inches) above the top of the table (if you are centering it over the dining room table).

To hang a chandelier in a large multistory foyer, the bottom of the chandelier is usually hung about 2.1 metres (7 foot) above the ground.

  • Size of chandelier – Above a dining room table, the size of a chandelier needs to be about half the width of a square or rectangular table and half the diameter of a round table.


For a large space such as a foyer there is a trick to finding the right size formula – add up the width and height of the room (in feet not metres) and that is the diameter of the chandelier you need in inches. So for a 2.1 × 1.8 metre space (7 × 6 foot) you add 7+6 = 13 – so you need a chandelier with a diameter of 13 inches or 33 cm.

So there you have it –a simple way to select the right size chandelier for your space and the best height to hang your chandelier.

For more design ideas visit Sasha’s showcase studio in Perth. Interior design has never been so good!



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Engaging a good interior designer to manage your luxurious renovation, to source both products and trades people, deliver on time and to a budget is not always an easy task. But it is the both best and the quickest way to turn your long held dreams into a reality.

Make sure your designer can hand over a completed, luxury renovation in a short period of time – no one wants to wait months while their home is being renovated!

So follow these three tips to make the design process as simple and painless as possible.

Award winning Sasha deBretton

Find a designer who connects with your dreams

Finding the right designer is possibly as important as finding a good designer. While some designers are able to create stunning spaces, the design may have no connection with your lifestyle and your dreams. A good designer listens to your dreams and ideas and brings them to life.


Don’t limit your designer

Working with a top interior designer often involves giving them the ability to take a fresh look at your home and to meld your ideas and dreams with what will really work in your home. Your designer has a vast amount of experience and will take all your ideas and embellish and enhance them.


Don’t become overwhelmed

Whether designing a single room or an entire house, the choices can become overwhelming. A good designer will lead you through the process of choosing the fabrics, colours, textures, fittings and furniture that will make your home look spacious and stunning – and remain within the design theme that you have chosen.

Trusting your designer is a key part of a successful collaboration. A designer is an artist and if you spend a lot of time second guessing your designer – then you are not making the best use of your designer’s skills.

Achieving the glamorous look and the luxurious lifestyle you want is much easier with a professional interior designer – the design and renovation process will flow much more smoothly. So spend the time to choose the right designer and work with them as a partner. You can finally have your dream home at last!


If you want to know more about transforming your house into your dream home – be sure to check out Sasha’s TV channel and see how she transforms Drab into Fab and instantly increases her client’s wealth!


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3 Tips for Renovation Success

If you want to renovate your property – and have the home of your dreams – here are three things you need to consider before you start buying the paint or knocking down the walls!

A budget

You need a realistic budget for your renovation. There may be a lot of things you would like to do, but do you have the cash available right now? The last thing you want to happen is to be in the middle of a renovation and have to wait for more funds before you can finish.

One good solution is to engage an interior designer who can present you with the completed designs and the projected increase in the value of your home – following the transformation. Many financial institutions will lend on this projected valuation.

Sasha debretton shares 3 tips for renovation success

Trades people

You need reliable trades people who have a good reputation in the industry, are insured and will work to a time frame that you dictate. You don’t want them turning up late, going home early or trying to juggle different contracts at the same time.

You want them on site and ready to work when you need them. Many trades cannot work until other work has been completed and having one trades person turning up days late can place your budget and timeframe in jeopardy.

An interior designer will be able to recommend good reliable contractors – and if they are a really good designer will have them on staff!

Project management

Who will manage your renovation? If someone is not on top of the comings and goings of the trades people, know whether orders and deliveries have been organized and completed – not to mention the budget and timeframe kept on track – your luxury transformation can turn into a nightmare.

An interior designer who has their own building company is the answer to all your problems. You want a professional person who can manage your renovation and who has reliable trades people on hand, stakes their reputation on keeping within budget and on time, and can guide you with selecting furnishings, fittings, colours etc.

An interior designer with management skills and a good business sense will take your ideas and hand you a completed dream home and dream lifestyle – on budget and on time.


If you want to know more about transforming your house into your dream home – be sure to check out Sasha’s TV channel and see how she transforms Drab into Fab and instantly increases her client’s wealth!


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Last week we looked at two stunning bathing experiences and imagined relaxing in the stunning Vessel or the Bento bath tub – both exclusive and limited editions!

So to help inspire your bathroom renovations and to give you ideas for your stunning transformations – this week I thought I would stay with bath rooms – so let’s look at two more completely different but awe inspiring bathing experiences – one natural and rustic and the other – out of this world!

These baths are not for everyone but if you like something different – they will certainly provide a talking point and endless entertainment to your guests!

Sasha deBretton shares her bathroom designer tips


Hot Tubs and Japanese Ofuros

Red cedar has a wonderful aroma and each hot tub is hand crafted from sustainably harvested trees. The artisans use old world coopering skills combined with modern woodworking techniques to create strong, durable and water tight tubs held together with stainless steel compression bands.If you want to relax in a blissful hot tub of steaming water and feel at one with nature – then you can do no better than a red cedar hot tubby Zen Bath Works. These beautiful hot tubs will add a touch of glamour and risqué to your bathroom!

Imagine a long, relaxed deep soak in an aromatic hot tub – heaven on earth!

An Ofuro is an authentic Japanese bathtub. Most often made from the aromatic Hinoki, the Ofuro can be rectangular with either straight or angular sides, for indoor use – or circular or elliptical for outdoors use. The ofuro is smaller than normal bathtubs but is deeper – for that long, relaxing, over the shoulders steaming hot soak designed by Zen Bath Works!

Sasha deBretton shares more bathroom designer tips

Bespoke sizes are available to suit your individual needs. Prices for indoor Hinoki Ofuros start at approximately $5000 and for outdoors Hinoki Ofuros and heated hot tubs at $4000.

Just think of lying in a steaming hot Japanese tub overlooking your beautiful gardens – life just can’t get any better!


 Out of this world Bath Tub!

You will not believe this exquisite designer bath tub – by artist Tetsuya Nakamura. The shape and colour is inspiring and you have to admit that this tub is out of this world!


This stunning bath tub looks like it is made of glass, not reinforced plastic – it is designed as a piece of art and takes its inspiration from fire patterns. The artist takes no responsibility if it is used as a functioning bath tub – so maybe we can just admire it from afar!


If you want to know more – be sure to check out Sasha’s TV channel and see how she transforms Drab into Fab and instantly increases her client’s wealth!

Image copyright: Hot Tubs and Jappanese Ofuros - Zen Bath Works, Out of this world Bath Tub – Tetsuya Nakamura.
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Renovating a bathroom can be as simple as re-grouting the tiles and replacing the cabinetry. You can spend as much or as little as you desire on transforming your bathroom from old and drab to awesome and stunning.

But to add a sense of timeless elegance to your new, luxurious bathroom – then you need to search for a few interesting and unique pieces. Here are two stunning bath tubs that can only be describes as a bathing experience!

The Vessel

Sasha deBretton talks about bathrooms

One of these is the hammock bath by a UK based company – SplinterWorks. Known as the ‘Vessel’, this futuristic bathtub is designed to be suspended from the walls of a wet room. This gravity defying creation is composed of carbon fibre and gives the appearance of a hammock slung between two walls.

The Vessel is 0.8 metres wide and 2.5 to 2.9 metres in length. Its design is inspired by the synergy between a hammock and a bath tub and was created to elevate the experience of bathing into one of escapism and artful relaxation.

The Vessel is suspended from stainless steel brackets which can be concealed or left exposed. A free standing tap fills the Vessel and the waste water is removed into a strategically placed floor drain.

Sasha deBretton shares top bathroom ideas

Splinter Works specialises in limited edition, bespoke sculptured furniture and only 12 of these stunning creations will be created. Priced at around $30,000 each – the Vessel is truly a unique bathing experience!



The Bento Bath

A signature of Formed – an Australian based company, the Bento bath is a freestanding sleek designer bath made from Corian®. The Bento is inspired by Japanese bento boxes and exudes a timeless simplicity and a feeling of serenity and total relaxation.

This stunning centerpiece has excellent heat retention and strength, is designed with a matte finish and is the only free-standing bespoke, bath in Australia that can be built to fit your space.

Sasha deBretton shares her bathroom design tipsThe Bento comes in a range of colours with the glacier white in a standard size costing $9,750.

Formed specialises in luxury bathroom furniture. Their stunning pieces are distinctive and their architectural simplicity will add a stunning focal point to your luxurious bathroom.


If you want to know more – be sure to check out Sasha’s TV channel and see how she transforms Drab into Fab and instantly increases her client’s wealth!

Images copyright: The vessel images – Splinterworks, The Bento Bath - Formed
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Sasha’s Inspiring European Trip

Sasha has recently returned from an inspirational trip to Italy and France looking at hundreds of fabulous chateaus, manor houses, period homes and hotels – and she is bursting with fresh ideas!

Sasha deBretton shares her European trip

One of Sasha’s passions has always been to visit Europe and immerse herself in the ingenuity and skills of the artisans, craftspeople and artists who designed and created these European wonders. Sasha spend her time in Europe immersed in the splendour of French and Italian architecture and design, soaking up the feeling of stylish furnishings and design excellence that pervaded each residence she visited.

On her return to Oz Sasha stated that, “it is one thing to read and see pictures of these places, but quite another to go there and witness and feel the creative intensity”.

Sasha found the detailed panelling, glamorous rooms, high ceilings and decorative finishing’s simply stunning! The visual impression left by the use of rustic stones, renderings, shutters, intricate windows, doors, landscapes and everything that epitomises French architecture has enthused Sasha to create even more masterpieces for her clients!

What particularly struck Sasha was that these fabulous buildings were built well and built to last. And their attention to detail was perfect. The designers and artisans had clearly paid attention to every little detail, even in a time when people had much less money than today.

Sasha believes that one mistake many people make today is in not paying enough attention to the finishing details that add so much to a well-designed home. Sasha believes with all her heart that it is these finishing touches that adds the final WOW factor to a design and well and truly transforms drab into fab!

Sasha deBretton has recently returned from Italy and FranceThe finesse of finely detailed finishes combines to create a luxurious, elegant and lived in feel to a home. Finishing touches, such as decorative cornices, skirting boards, feature walls, stunning light fittings, custom built cabinetry and herringbone or parquet floors provide a stylish charm that is so lacking in many of today’s designs.

Sasha has always loved France and intends to buy a chateau there one day soon and maybe, just maybe, Sasha and her Million Dollar Makeover team can renovate their clients homes and send them to France to stay in her chateau whilst she creates their dream castle right here!  That is what Million Dollar Makeovers is all about – creating, building and delivering on her client’s dreams….


If you want to see Sasha in action – visit her TV channel and see how Sasha transforms drab into fab!

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When people design the interior of their home, they often look to nature for inspiration. Think of rustic old timbers or rich woods, plants, pebbles and stonework. Many of us yearn to bring the feel of nature into our home but just don’t know the best place to start.

Well here are 3 simple ideas to easily incorporate nature into your interior design.

Water Features

Sasha deBretton shares her design tips for bringing the garden inside

For a really glamorous feel to your home, you might want to think about using a water feature as part of your design. The gentle sound of water tinkling throughout your home is both soothing and calming – flowing water is also good Feng Shui – encouraging positive energy to flow through your home.

Try placing a small water fountain on a side table or on a decorative stand in one of your rooms. Maybe invest in a large stone or artistic fountain for your courtyard or outside in the garden near an external door so that the sound of flowing water pervades your home.

Vertical plantings

Vertical plantings are becoming quite trendy now – and a cost effective idea is to simply hang dried plants or herbs in your kitchen – just think of the beautiful fragrances that will waft throughout your kitchen as well as the visual appeal they will provide.

Vertical plantings can add an extra dimension to your room and make it look taller than it really is. A lot of designers are looking for vertical plantings to give the effect of being in a leafy tropical surrounding whilst inside your own home.

Vertical gardens or green walls as they are often called are great for people who have small gardens or who lack a garden. You can find all you need to set up your vertical garden at specialist shops and you can arrange the plantings in various shapes and sizes to suit your space. Many office blocks now have large vertical gardens in their entranceways and they can look really stunning!

Natural Materials

Sasha deBretton shows how to bring the outside into your home - natural flooringsThere is no better way to add a fabulous natural look to your home than using natural materials. There are so many different types of materials that you can use – rich woods, wicker, rattan, jute and bamboo are just a few.

Hand carved wooden doors, stone columns and beautiful balustrades are a fabulous addition to any home and can create stunning natural lines that truly reflect the look of nature in your home.

Wooden flooring contrasted against neutral walls is always a good choice – throw in some comfortable furniture, stylish cushions, fresh flowers and a large open window to let the breezes flow through – and you already have a natural feel to your room!

So when looking for design inspiration – look no further than the natural wonders you see outside your living room window. Nature is full of beautiful and architecturally stunning materials – take inspiration from nature and bring a calming influence to your home.

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Most of Sasha’s fabulous renovations are for families, but every now and again she is asked to do something different – and the fabulous renovation Sasha and her Million Dollar Makeover team performed in City Beach was one such transformation.

Sasha was asked to renovate a luxury residence for a separated gentleman who lived the champagne lifestyle and was going to stay on his boat for the 2 weeks of the renovations. So how did Sasha tone down her fabulous BLING! and make sure that the new design appealed to a masculine perspective? Well you can watch the actual makeover video HERE – but let’s take a look at some masculine design features that you need to consider when designing for today’s man.

Men tend to like simplicity – clean lines and a functional abode. They don’t like fuss and clutter and frills and pastels! But with some expert design tips you can bring a masculine feel to your rooms and still make it comfortable for the whole family. Just take masculine elements and blend them in with a neutral palette, add pops of colour, interesting textures and some hi-tech gadgets!


manhattan style

Masculine colours tend to be rich and dramatic belonging to the darker palettes such as blacks, greys, dark blues or chocolates, contrasted with the earthier or neutral colours – although black and white palettes are very masculine and funky. Pastel shades as the main background colour are out! So instead use strong accent colours to give a pop of interest such as greens, reds or purples – although some pastels can be judiciously introduced as accent colours – so long as they are sublime.

Masculine colours are also trending towards the neutral palette with pops of stronger colours, as the minimalist designs work well for masculine interiors. The general feel of a masculine design is ‘edgy’ but relaxed and comfortable.


A layering of textures throughout the room is common with chrome or steel, stone, glass, wood and leather used extensively. Masculine rooms can also tend towards an industrial or urban look softened by light furnishings that provide an interesting mix of textures. Think of rough wooden floors, leather and chrome furniture, sheer curtains and a neutral/earthy palette – it just screams masculine!


Men are all about large screen TVs, home automation and awesome sound systems! Try window shades that automatically open and close at set times, remote operated TVs, stereos and even lighting can all be automated.

Sasha’s Manhattan Style

manhattan style - black and white

The Manhattan style is one of Sasha’s designs on display in her showrooms. It has a masculine feel and is all about downtown chic and eye-catching interiors. Sasha balances a sleek, contemporary design with bold adventurous concepts and seductive colours to bring out the hidden and mysterious characters of the room.

This style can be blended with an urban flair to give an infusion of eclectic elements that exude refined elegance and masculinity. It is all about energy and movement – blending innovative styles with traditional and contemporary pieces overlaid on a simple, uncluttered background.

Architectural features and structure are important to give a masculine feel to a room but a touch of glam with chrome mirrors and reflective surfaces adds interest and a ‘WOW’ factor!


The Million Dollar Makeover team has won numerous awards for their high-end transformations and if you want to learn more, visit their website at


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    • Sasha deBretton infuses her heart and soul into her fabulous home renovations in Perth – to give her client’s their dream home and dream lifestyle that they have always wanted. Over the years Sasha has received many, many thank you letters and testimonials from her ecstatic clients – and in this blog Sasha shares a recent testimonial from a very happy client in Perth.

      Client History

      Sasha’s client returned to Perth after 17 years and moved into a townhouse in West Leederville. It had been rented out for the last 15 years and was looking very shabby and unloved. Sasha’s client knew that she wanted to stay in the area and was keen to do a total renovation – but after hearing horror stories of friends’ renovations that had gone seriously over budget and dragged on for almost a year - she wasn’t looking forward to what lay ahead. Knowing her busy lifestyle and lack of interest in DIY and after watching Sasha’s Million Dollar Makeover stories on the ‘Home in WA program’, her sister-in-law suggested that she contact Sasha about her home renovation in Perth.

      Too easy!

      They met on Thursday 8 August and just over 2 months later after a complete guttering of her townhouse - her delighted client moved back into her completely renovated dream home.

      Sasha bowled me over at our first meeting and came up with some fabulous design ideas to complement the few of my own.  I never imagined that work would even start before Christmas but when Sasha heard that I was leaving for a 3 week trip to Europe in early September her immediate response was that she could start and have most of the work completed while I was away, thus minimising the inconvenience of having to vacate my home for 4 weeks”.


      The MDM rapid renovation, home renovation express ride!

      Within a week Sasha’s client had visited the Million Dollar Makeover showroom in Perth for a consultation with Rachel the interior design consultant and had a house full of assorted tradesmen who were providing quotes on all the work! Disaster! It all came to a (temporary) grinding halt when her client couldn’t face the prospect of storing all her furniture and possessions after having moved and unpacked less than 2 months previously. But Sasha came to the rescue so that when her client boarded a plane she was relaxed and confident knowing that her house was being packed by professionals.  

      “Without exception everyone on the Million Dollar Makeover team has been professional, friendly and accommodating and has done everything possible to take the stress out of renovating. I’d particularly like to thank Sasha for seeing the potential in my home and Rachel for her design guidance, impeccable taste and for gently encouraging me out of my comfort zone at times. Finally, I would like to thank my wonderful and always upbeat Project Manager Julie for whom nothing was too much trouble or any request too trivial. Your attention to detail and insistence on quality and excellence has meant that we have been on the same page throughout the renovation”.


      “Sasha your business concept is amazing and fills a real gap in the market.  I can’t believe how easy and stress free the process has been and what a beautiful home you have created for me - on time and on budget. You’ve delivered what it says on your sign and my home has gone from “drabulous to fabulous” in just over 4 weeks.  At the same time my family and friends have gone from being sceptical to totally amazed at the transformation and the quality of the workmanship”.

        This testimonial from a delighted client brought a tear to Sasha’s eye - as it her clients that inspire Sasha to work her amazing miracles and change the lives of so many deserving people. Sasha started her Million Dollar Makeover home renovation business in Perth because she knew that she could make a difference to the renovation industry and make home renovations easy and hassle free. Sasha is very proud of her team who help her show that what everyone thinks is IMPOSSIBLE is POSSIBLE with a touch of Million Dollar Makeover

    Read more testimonials »

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