Timely Home Renovations and Extensions in Perth

before and after house renovation in perth

Sasha deBretton Commercial draws on years of industry experience and passion for excellence to deliver timely, world-class home renovations in Perth.

Home extensions and renovations are some of life’s major ventures that require thorough and extensive planning. We equip you with insightful tips to guide your future project:

 Must know tip 1 Decide whether you are conducting a renovation to create your dream home or whether you are conducting a renovation to sell your house.

A renovation project can be an emotional journey peppered with multiple decisions, choices and negotiations. To assist you in staying true to your time frame and budget determine if the project is one to create your dream home or one to sell your house. The renovation decisions you make will be determined by this important factor.

For example some of the decisions regarding colour schemes, lighting or home extensions will be determined by how you want to live in your dream home versus preparing your house to sell it. Let’s take the bathroom as a case study.

If you are renovating your house for sale re-tiling your bathroom can be a great way to add life. You can create a dramatic refreshing and clean look with some elegant white tiles, which are always appealing to the buyer. Alternatively if renovating your home to create the look you have always dreamed of then you may choose tiles that include a texture or feature that accentuates your personal style and taste. The ‘search’ for the right tiles will be determined by the decision of renovating a home or a house.


Must Know tip 2 If renovating your house to sell, ensure you paint the right picture in the buyers mind.

If you’re renovating or conducting house renovations to sell, make sure that you hire the right furniture to create the right look.  There is nothing worse than putting, dated, daggy or mismatched furniture in a newly renovated house. it can devalue the property if you don’t get it right!

A house with newly painted walls, carpets, blinds etc is an empty nest and bland and cold. It’s the comfy lounges, dimmed lights, fluffy throw rugs, sparkly cushions, and textured finishing’s, furniture and features that create the warmth, feeling & ‘WOW’ factor that can help you sell your renovated house in Perth faster and increase the sale price.


Must Know tip 3 – If you want to create your dream home, renovating is the fastest way to get the dream. My advicedon’t sell! Renovate! Here’s why

Building is notoriously slow. Renovations (the way we do it), are incredibly fast. We create dream home renovations in Perth in literally weeks at very high quality. By keeping the bones of the house being the slab, roof and brickwork, you can literally strip it back to the shell and re design a complete new interior and fit it out with new furnishings and accessories turning a dated home from ‘drabulous’ to fabulous in a fraction of the time.

It is always worth conserving the bones if still in good order, making layout changes, taking walls out, adding extensions to the home and re styling with a new look to give you a brand new home. This saves you dropping money by selling a dated home, paying stamp duty, agent fees and moving costs. Often you can sink all this money into the home you currently have that just needs some TLC. Renovate your home to create your dream.