Sasha’s Timeline

 Sasha deBretton Renovation expert Perth

Sasha’s Timeline

In 1991, at just 19 years of age, Sasha is appointed to a management role in retail fashion.

Sasha buys her first investment property at 21. It is the start of a lucrative hobby that she pursues alongside her successful 16-year career in the world of corporate marketing.
Sasha’s incredible property renovation successes start to attract press attention with an article in Australian Property Investor in 2004.

June 2009: Sasha launches Million Dollar Makeovers at a trade fair and is launched to keep clients up-to-date with products, services and company news.

July 2009: The newly formed Million Dollar Makeovers carries out its first three Perth home renovations.

January 2010: Million Dollar Makeovers launches its own series of TV shows to demonstrate the high quality of its work and how it’s able to carry out rapid home renovations in Perth.

May 2010: Sasha gives up her career in marketing to concentrate full-time on Million Dollar Makeovers.

June 2010: By the end of its first year in business Million Dollar Makeovers completes 26 renovations.

February 2011: A wonderful moment for Sasha, as she is a “40 Under 40″ winner. It’s a huge recognition for her hard work and achievements.

June 2011: A South Perth family sees the value of their home raised by $2 million dollars following a four-week Million Dollar Makeovers’ renovation.

August 2011: Sasha features as a regular guest on Channel 7′s Home in WA renovation series.

September 2011: The Million Dollar Makeovers’ showroom opens in Claremont, displaying the company’s full range of beautiful and exciting interior design styles.

September 2011: Sasha wins the WA Nokia Business Innovation Award at the Telstra Business Women’s Awards. It recognises the unique rapid renovations concept she created that is transforming homes and lives.

December 2011: Sasha gets raves reviews for increasing a home’s value by $2,000,000 in a property downslide. She’s dubbed “Perth’s Property Princess” by Channel 7′s show, Today Tonight.

February 2012: The publication of Make a Mint in a Meltdown, Sasha’s book of insider secrets on how anyone can renovate their way to wealth.

February 2012: Filming begins on a brand new Million Dollar Makeovers television series backed by Endemol and Southern Star Entertainment for Channel 7.

February 2012: The ABC commissions a series about Perth’s top entrepreneurs and invites Sasha to feature in the show; however, she must decline as Channel 7 wants her exclusively. She is in hot demand!

What Does the Future Hold?
The launch of “The Sasha deBretton Collection” of exclusively designed furniture and home ware; more Million Dollar Makeovers showrooms; national and global expansion; interior design books, further TV series and more dream homes and lifestyles being created daily by this home makeover megastar.

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